Annual Report


December 7, 2018 – January 4, 2019

Member Preview
Friday, December 7, 2018
6 - 7pm

Exhibition Opening
Friday, December 7, 2018
7 - 10pm

Join us for our end of year exhibition, Annual Report. The eight person group show highlights artists from our 2018 programming, including EAST, WEST, the Big Medium Gallery, and Canopy Studios. Annual Report features work by:

RF. Alvarez
Alvarez’s bold images are often centered on issues of identity, where he examines the intersection of text and image to promote a dialogue of reflection and consideration. Working primarily with black ink, his works are imbued with a sense of disillusionment or melodrama that facilitates conversations and expresses genuine experiences.

Participated in EAST 2018 at his home studio

David Amdur
Woodworking is Amdur’s prime medium, with furniture, sculpture, and visual arts all part of the process. Custom designs are his specialty and he is always challenged to create more uniqueness, driven by passion and obsession.

Participated in WEST 2018 at his home studio

Mimi Bardagjy
Mimi Bardagjy makes porcelain sculptural pieces influenced by seashells and ocean creatures, as well as vessels that explore roundness, volume, and surface.

Participated in EAST 2018 at Cloud Tree Gallery

Jieun Beth
For the past ten years, Jieun Beth has explored the idea of a Personal Identity. She wondered the connection between an individual and the world, hoping to find a common thread among identities.

In the process, she examined the influence of perception. How perception of oneself and the perception of others influence one’s determination in the world. Perception based on body and memory, an individual identifies in relation to others and acquires a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging encourages individuals to preserve an identity, in expectation of maintaining an attachment to others.

Exhibited in the Big Medium Gallery in 2018

Santiago Escobedo
Spanning his self‑constructed history, space, and time, Escobedo’s paintings are both formal and sporadic. They are both thoughtfully assembled and casually deconstructed. They represent the romanticization and fetishization of the idea of the individual. If anything, they represent a reverent and sacred space in the mind amidst the chaos that surrounds it.

Participated in EAST 2018 as a guest at a studio

Bill Kolb
Bill Kolb is a non‑representational painter who has been painting for more than 50 years.

Participated in EAST 2018 at his home studio

Ana Esteve Llorens
Making art is a way of editing life. Mainly through sculpture, installation and photography Ana Esteve Llorens attempts to materialize an experience to rewrite and prolong its possibilities. She finds fascinating the idea of capturing a glimpse of reality, be

it an object or a space, a beam of light, or a period of time. It is a way to rescue fortunate moments from vanishing or disappearing.

Showed in the Big Medium Gallery in 2015, participated in EAST 2018 at Las Cruxes

Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Alyssa Taylor Wendt is a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker and curator that works in Austin, Texas and Detroit, Michigan. Her recent projects reference themes of ritual, animism, monuments, mysticism, the primordial, architecture, gender and mortality using video, sculpture, staged photographs, sound and performance. The work tends to provoke questions in the viewer with dark and evocative aesthetics and multiple layers of perceived truth. She enjoys darkness, gospel blues and bad jokes.

Canopy studio artist and EAST 2018 participant