09-06-19, Austin Chronicle "Sanctum" Explores Ancestral Memories in Our DNA

07-18-19, CBS Austin
Celebrating art, culture & community with Big Medium's artist residency at The LINE Austin

07-12-19, Cool Hunting
Art Inhabits and Enhances The LINE Hotels

07-03-19, San Antonio Current
Presa House Gallery to Open ‘War Tuba Recital’

06-28-19, The Austin Chronicle
‘Rehab El Sadek: The Memory Palace’ at Big Medium

06-26-19, Community Impact Newspaper
From the ground up: Can Northwest Austin be the city’s next home for artists?

06-25-19, ATMTX Photo Blog
A world of creativity, self-expression, and emotion

06-22-19, Sight Lines
Rehab El Sadek creates an infrastructure of memories

05-30-19, Glasstire
Texas Biennial set for 2020, Receives $25,000 Grant from the NEA

05-14-19, Rockstar Magazine
Rehab El Sadek: The Memory Palace

05-11-19, Fine Art Connoisseur
Art Studio Tour in West Austin, Texas

05-11-19, Fox 7 Austin
West Austin Studio Tour

05-10-19, The Austin Chronicle
Enjoying and Making Art at the 2019 West Austin Studio Tour

05-04-19, Glasstire
Big Medium Announces LINE Residency in Austin

03-28-19, Austin Monthly
What to do in Austin: March 28

02-28-19, The Daily Texan
Austin’s Canopy represents an oasis for the arts, artists, the public


11-16-18, The Austin Chronicle
Snapshot: East Austin Studio Tour

11-12-18, Glasstire
Threat, Therapy: Steve Parker’s ‘WAR TUBA RECITAL

11-09-18, The Austin Chronicle
‘Steve Parker: War Tuba’ at Big Medium

11-07-18, Austin 360
What to see, where to go on East Austin Studio Tour

11-06-18, Patch
’Sightlines Spoken' Examines Art Amid Gentrification

07-18-18, Glasstire
Steve Parker Wins Second Annual Tito’s Prize

05-17-18, The Austin Chronicle
They Made Me Do It: Five WEST Picks!

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