Texas Biennial

New and Greatest Hits: Texas Biennial 2005-2011  presented at Big Medium, August 24 - September 28, 2013 Curated by Michael Duncan and Virginia Rutledge

New and Greatest Hits: Texas Biennial 2005-2011 presented at Big Medium, August 24 - September 28, 2013
Curated by Michael Duncan and Virginia Rutledge


The Texas Biennial is a geographically-focused, independent survey of contemporary art. For each edition of the Texas Biennial, different curators present the current trends of art making across the state in unique ways and varied spaces

From its founding, the Texas Biennial has explored a variety of exhibition formats and curatorial models. While the survey exhibition curated from an open call for art remains the central feature of the project, since its inaugural exhibition the Biennial has grown to include a range of other exhibitions and programming, all in celebration of contemporary art in Texas. 

The Texas Biennial has also embraced collaborations with many partners including other arts organizations, arts foundations, art schools and art publications, as well as numerous artists, art critics and historians, arts administrators and educators throughout the state.


  • 2005: The Texas Biennial is founded by a group of artists in Austin—Rachel Koper, Shea Little, Arturo Palacios, Joseph Phillips, and Jana Swec—who want to provide an exhibition opportunity open to all artists living and working in the state.

  • 2005-2009: The first three Biennials take place in Austin in multiple venues around the city

  • 2011: The Biennial officially merges with Big Medium and expands a portion of its programming outside of Austin into Houston and San Antonio.

  • 2013: The Texas Biennial sprawls across the state with exhibitions and programming in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Marfa, and Austin.

  • 2017: The Biennial returns to Austin with a single focused exhibition. 

  • 2020: The next iteration of the Biennial will take place in 2020 and will again be located in Austin with plans to bring other cities and their communities to a centralized location. TX20 will convene the people and organizations who produce and promote the arts in Texas.


Many people and organizations have contributed to the growth of the project, including a roster of distinguished jurors, curators and advisory committee members. The Texas Biennial is a program of Big Medium, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary art throughout Texas, funded in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division. The Biennial is also supported by the Texas Commission on the Arts, private foundations and other nonprofits, in-kind sponsorships, generous contributions from private donors, and the talent and hard work of dedicated staff and many volunteers.


Important Dates

2020 Texas Biennial Announcement
September 2019 

TX★17 Artists

Curated by Leslie Moody Castro

TX★13 Artists

Curated by Bill Arning, René Paul Barilleaux, Christian Gerstheimer, K8 Hardy, Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler, Annette Lawrence, David Pagel, Bárbara Perea, Christina Rees, Dario Robleto, Noah Simblist, Jeremy Strick and Clint Willour

Adela Andea (Conroe)
Skye Ashbrook (Austin)
David Aylsworth Houston)
Debra Barrera (Houston)
Michael Bise (Houston)
Michael Blair (Denton)
Matthew Bourbon (Denton)
Margarita Cabrera (El Paso)
Bernardo Cantu (Denton)
Rebecca Carter (Dallas)
Teresa Cervantes (Austin)
Kristen Cochran (Dallas)
Joseph Cohen (Houston)
Shannon Crider (San Antonio)
Rachel Crist and Daedalus Hoffman (Austin)
Matthew Cusick (Dallas)
Gabriel Dawe (Dallas)
Claudio Dicochea (San Antonio)

Kent Dorn (Houston)
Trey Egan (Lewisville)
Cassandra Emswiler (McKinney)
Miriam Ellen Ewers (Denton)
Vincent Falsetta (Denton)
Danielle Georgiou (Dallas)
Jeff Gibbons (Arlington)
Sally Glass (Dallas)
Will Henry (Houston)
Hillerbrand + Magsamen (Houston)
Geoff Hippenstiel (Houston)
HOMECOMING! Committee (Fort Worth)
Letitia Huckaby (Fort Worth)
Tatiana Istomina (Houston)
Hiroko Kubo (Fort Worth)
Ann Johnson (Houston)
Angela Kallus (Fort Worth)
Lakes Were Rivers (Austin)

Julia Barbosa Landois (San Antonio)
Dion Laurent (Houston)
Jonathan Leach (Houston)
Natali Leduc (Houston)
Ysabel LeMay (Austin)
Daniel McFarlane (Spring)
Marcelyn McNeil (Houston)
Robert Melton and Robert Boland (Austin)
Abinadi Meza (Austin)
Madsen Minax (Houston)
Rahul Mitra (Pearland)
Seth Mittag (Houston)
Michael Morris (Irving)
Nancy Newberry (Dallas)
Kelly O'Connor (San Antonio)
Arthur Peña (Dallas)
Katie Rose Pipkin (Austin)
Jessica Pizaña-Roberts (El Paso)

Mark Ponder (Houston)
Anne J. Regan (Houston)
Liz Rodda (Austin)
Gregory Ruppe (Fort Worth)
Chris Sauter (San Antonio)
Carrie Schneider (Houston)
Kasey Short (Austin)
Gary Sweeney (San Antonio)
The Bridge Club (Huntsville)
Prince Thomas (Houston)
Kevin Todora (Richardson)
Melissa Tran (Houston)
Brad Tucker (Austin)
Giovanni Valderas (Dallas)
Sara Vanderbeek (Austin)

TX★11 Artists

Curated by Virginia Rutledge

Joshua Bienko (College Station)
Christie Blizard (San Antonio)
Matthew Bourbon (Denton)
Susi Brister (Austin)
Margarita Cabrera (El Paso)
Shannon Cannings (Lubbock)
Bernardo Cantu (Denton)
Mary Ellen Carroll (Houston)
Elizabeth Chiles (Austin)
Kristen Cochran (Dallas)
Catherine Colangelo (Houston)
Clarke Curtis (Austin)
Gabriel Dawe (Dallas)
Esteban Delgado (Bishop)

Cassandra Emswiler (Dallas)
Jonathan Faber (Austin)
Laurie Frick (Austin)
Michael Anthony García (Austin)
Anthony Garza (Austin)
Lori Giesler (Highland Village)
Rigoberto A. Gonzalez (San Juan)
Nathan Green (Austin)
Trenton Doyle Hancock (Houston)
Timothy Harding (Fort Worth)
Nicholas Hay (San Antonio)
Hillerbrand + Magsamen (Houston)
Hana Hillerova (Houston)
Katy Horan (Austin)

TJ Hunt (Austin)
Kathryn Kelley (Houston)
Dion Laurent (Rosanky)
Annette Lawrence (Denton)
James Magee (El Paso)
Jessica Mallios (Austin)
Richard Martinez (San Antonio)
Marcelyn McNeil (Houston)
Brandon Miller (Austin)
Rahul Mitra (Houston)
Olivia Moore (Austin)
Kia Neill (Houston)
Tom Orr (Dallas)
Brent Ozaeta

Ricardo Paniagua (Dallas)
Jason Reed (New Braunfels)
Carin Rodenborn (Austin)
Abby Ronaldes (Austin)
Sam Sanford (Austin)
Anthony Sonnenberg (Graham)
Barry Stone (Austin)
Shane Tolbert (Houston)
Brad Tucker (Austin)
Cathie Tyler (Paris)
H. David Waddell (Houston)
Jade Walker (Austin)

TX★09 Artists

Curated by Michael Duncan and Risa Puleo
Directed by Xochi Solis

Heyd Fontenot (Austin)
Angela Fox (San Antonio)
Buster Graybill (Huntsville)
Kana Harada (Dallas)
Jeannette Hernandez (San Antonio)
Juan Hernandez (Dallas)
Simeen Ishaque (Dallas)
Jules Buck Jones (Austin)
Kathryn Kelley (Houston)
Natalie Kleinecke (San Marcos)
Helen Kwiatkowski (Belton)
Ryan Lauderdale (Austin)
Jayne Lawrence (San Antonio)
Peter Leighton (Austin)
Ken Little (San Antonio)
Anne Longo (Lubbock)
Ivan Lozano (Austin)
Christa Mares (Austin)
Mona Marshall (Austin)

TX★07 Artists

Juried by Ursula Davila, Fairfax Dorn, Kate Green, Valerie Cassel Oliver and John Pomara

TX★05 Artists

Juried by Bill Davenport, Ben Fyffe, Benito Huerta, Sara Kellner, Rachel Koper, Jon Lawrence, Shea Little, Arturo Palacios, Jimmy Peña, Joseph Phillips, Allison Sands, Michael Sieben, Hills Snyder, Jana Swec and Jeff Wheeler