International Exchange

New in 2019, Big Medium is leading two international exchange programs in Spain and Korea. In an effort to fulfill and broaden Big Medium’s mission of providing opportunities for artists in Texas, these programs seek to promote cross-cultural understanding through art, enrich artistic practices, and increase connections to Texas artists. The Spain International Exchange is focused on experiencing the rich cultural landscape of Spain and sharing those experiences and influences. The Korea International Exchange is focused on sharing the work of Texas and Korea based artists with new audiences in a digital exhibition format.


Spain — España

The Spain International Exchange is produced in partnership with Inés Batlló. This program is an exchange of ideas and cultures between Texas and Spain based artists.

In a country where art thrives and old masters inhabit every museum, Big Medium is excited to provide the opportunity for artists to be inspired in an immersive way. Inés Batlló splits time between Austin and Barcelona. She’s committed to nurturing the growth of artists through this exchange by hosting the artists who visit Spain and coordinating relevant, enriching activities for the residents.

05/30/19 – 06/20/19
Justin Balleza and Jorge Molina are Austin based artists who pioneered the first edition of the program. The influences and experiences gathered from their time in Spain will be shared at Big Medium on September 6, 2019 during Open Canopy.


Korea — 한국

The Korea International Exchange is produced in partnership with Shine Here. This program is an exchange of art between Texas and Korea based artists.

Wider West
와이더 웨스트 
06/18/2019 – 07/21/2019
Oil Tank Cutlure Park — T6, Seoul, Korea

Wider West is part one of a digital exchange of art between Texas and Korea. The work of eight Texas-based artists will be presented on large high-quality flat panel displays in Seoul at the Oil Tank Culture Park. Deeper East is the corresponding exhibition showcasing Korea-based artists and will be held in Austin at Big Medium and the Austin Central Library in May of 2020.

The key theme of Wider West and Deeper East is exploring the diversity of art made across the vast state of Texas and how those artistic practices intersect with the social, cultural, and ideological differences and similarities with the artistic practices in Korea. Artists for both exhibitions selected by: Aidan Cho, CEO of Shine HereShea Little, Executive Director of Big MediumBoggi Kim, Publisher of Art in CultureSangjin Lee, Director of Hanatour Cultural Foundation.

Wider West artists:
Matthew Bourbon
Jeffrey Dell
Robert Hodge
Ysabel LeMay
Beili Liu
Melissa Miller
Julie Speed
Sydney Yeager

In conjunction with the Wider West exhibition, Big Medium’s Executive Director Shea Little participated in the 2019 Oil Tank Culture Park Global Network, a 2-day summit discussing cultural spaces and how they change cities and lives. The Oil Tank Culture Park Global Network is part of an international exchange program that invites excellent cultural institutions from all over the world to participate in joint projects and conversations.